Friday, 16 January 2009

O Baile Filosofia

O Baile represents the best of underground Portuguese music happening in London right now. From Bands to Djs and spanning many other art forms, O Baile is a new platform to explore exciting cultural manifestations. Although mainly showcasing emerging talent from Portugal it will also incorporate diverse multi-national artists. Portuguese Fado and the success of more traditional artists like Marisa and Madredeus have exported Portuguese musical traditions with a contemporary twist. The breakthrough across the world of Buraka Som Sistema has given us a glimpse of what other talent is hiding in the underground scene in Lisbon and across the country.
Bands like Gala Drop and Octapush are starting to grab the attention of the British press and other acts from Buraka's own label Enchufada are ready for crossing over.
O Baile will provide a platform to present talent from Portugal to a London audience. Live Music and Djs from Kuduro, Hip Hop, Fado, Electronica, House, Dubstep, Deconstructed Fado, Rock, Pop and anything else they fancy. Mixed with Food, Fashion, Art, Design, Grafitti and all things Portuguese.

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